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March 30, 2009...Biker-mom Biker Mom Keeps Walking


I wandered around to the Hotel de Ville to the Petit Nicolas exposition.  Click here to find out more about quintessentially French little Nicolas and his band of friends, so much like my husband Henri's childhood, and that of our children.

Notice that the velib station is completely FULL so if you rent one you'd be stuck with it all day, at 1 euro every half hour.  But pray to get a velib in my neighborhood...you can see below there is just one left!  I'd say something's wrong and thank goodness I have my own bike.

petit nicolas ...in hebrew velib full
hotel de ville esplanade notre dame in the background

I took rue des Archives home to pass by one of my favorite buildings--you can see it below, with the marvelous towers.  It's a museum now. 

As you can see, this butcher shop is closed.  Most fresh produce is still closed on Mondays in France, but otherwise, few stores close for lunch as they once did.

rue des archives reflection in butcher shop velib empty
republique--oft forgotten monument sbux + my dell mini 9 tour st. jacques
Some highlights of the 19th arrondisement:
Mipi El--kosher informal & fun Communist Party Headquarters La Chaumiere--kosher & elegant