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A New School Year!  A Masters in Cognitive Psychology!  I need new books and new music!!!

bullet Neuroscience (Purves)
bullet La Vision, mission du cerveau
bullet Protection
bullet Blue Lines
bullet Mezzanine
bullet 100th window
bullet Les ecrivains voyageurs au XXe siecle
bullet Animals
bullet The Quest for Consciousness
bullet Wish You Were Here
bullet The Blank Slate
bullet The Embodied Mind
bullet The Lost
bullet Memory, Consciousness, and the Brain
bullet The Way for the Gas...
bullet The Birth of the Mind

These are some of the great books and DVDs I recently ordered from amazon.fr:

bulletEnjoy Arthur Koestler's masterful history of cosmology, The Sleepwalkers.
bulletI just love Italian cooking...don't you?  Try this fun cookbook: "The Sopranos" Family Cookbook
bullet La Vie est un long fleuve tranquille -... finally came to DVD!  This cult film is a must!
bulletEnjoy this brilliant film by Spielberg, based on a story by Philip K. Dick: Minority Report
bulletSo my daughter's camera was stolen...how about I get her a Canon Ixus 55?!
bulletWait!  It's my birthday in a month...I know what I want:  the Canon Ixus 800!!!!

I get all my university  and fun books at amazon--the price is right:

bullet I Am a Strange Loop
bullet Writer's Mind: Crafting Fiction
bullet The Scientist in the Crib
bullet The Assistant
bullet The Tragedy of King Lear
bullet The Enchanted World of Sleep
bulletThe Third Summer of the Sisterhood
bullet The Dream of Scipio 
bullet Words on Fire
bullet The Brothers Karamazov 
bullet Dead Souls
bullet Crime and Punishment 
bullet The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol
bullet The Troubadours: An Introduction 
bullet Loitering With Intent
bullet The Norton Anthology of Theory and Criticism 
bullet Midnight's Children
bullet Literary Theory: A Very Short Introduction 
bullet Stories of Anton Chekhov
bullet The Norton Anthology of English Literature 
bullet A History of Russian Literature
bullet The Extravagant Universe 
bullet The Complete Prose Tales of Alexander Pushkin
bullet Goldberg Variations 
bullet Learning and Memory
bullet Pre-order Harry Potter 6!
bullet Anna Karenina
bullet The Book of God 
bullet Notes from Underground
bullet Halakhic Man
bullet What is Art? by Tolstoy
bullet Man Without Qualities
bullet Illuminations
bullet Palm 2 giga card        *
bullet Memento Mori
bullet Fate and Destiny
bullet Ali and Nino
bullet Students with Autism
bullet Beautiful Death
bullet Only Yesterday
bullet Biological Psychology
bullet Past Continuous
bullet Human Development
bullet Book of Illusions
bullet La lecon d'equitation      
bullet Eldorado
bullet Petit Nicolas 2!!!
bullet Descartes' Error


Love to give great books as gifts?  Try these:

bullet L'esprit des lumieres
bullet La Première Gorgée de bière et autres plaisirs minuscules
bullet Promenades dans Rome
bullet L'inspecteur se met à table
bullet Lignes de faille

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